Vim folding for a python


For python one can use built-in folding based on indent set foldmethod=indent which is kind of OK:

folding with builtin indent

But I think it should look more like this:


Run vimscript from the regular buffer


There is a post on Reddit stating:

Since vim doesnt have a repl we cant use a buffer for editing and executing in real time

Well, I do it all the time:

animated gif with vimscript evaluation


Use vim-dadbod to query databases


TLDR: Query your databases from any vim buffer:

tldr animated gif with vim-dadbod


Vim and markdown frontmatter


Built-in markdown in vim (from Tim Pope — vim hero) has no support for pandoc frontmatter:

Like the picture shows:


Vim meets Elixir mix test


Out of curiousity have started following José Valim, creator of Elixir programming language, in a series of his twitch casts solving Advent Of Code.

It is good! The language, the Erlang platform, José – such a nice composition.


Vim list-item toggling fun


I do almost all my doc stuff in vim + asciidoctor and it includes various list todo/done checks in a status-like documents.

You know, lists like this:

- [x] This is done
- [ ] This is not
- [x] Ping this dude to ping that dude to provide bla bla bla

Paste clipboard images to Asciidoctor document from Vim


More improvements for vim-asciidoctor plugin.

Now you can paste images to the document from clipboard:

animated gif with Vim pasting clipboard images

Бытие определяет сознание или инструменты vs языки программирования


Emacs screenshot

Однажды я решил поиспользовать Clojure для допила мелкого “вбоквел” функционала в проекте для большого европейского банка.

Или нет, однажды я решил пощупать Emacs и мне понравилось. Лиспы, скобки…, текстовый редактор, имеющий к ним правильный подход – все это было так романтично. Плюс прочитал всяких правильных книг: HtDP, On Lisp, Practical Common Lisp и пр.